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Tennessee Log Homes
Tennessee Log Homes, Inc.

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Tennessee Log Homes, Inc.
2537 Decatur Pike
Athens, TN 37303
Customer Service 4.7
Design Department 4.6
Quality of Logs 4.8
Windows and Doors 4.7
Price 4.6
Delivery and Handling 4.8
Review Rating 4.7
  Consumer(27)  4.7
  Feedback(11)  0.0

Consumer Reviews

Reviewer : Jerry & Michelle Marconi from Chicago, IL (8/24/2006)

A sure bet
Well, we are almost finished with our vacation log home. We started this project almost three years ago when we were researching log home manufacturers and creating a floor plan. We feel lucky to have found Rex and Brenda Druckenmiller (Great River Log Homes) to assist us designing and purchasing our home. Rex and Brenda were right there when we took delivery in June, 2004 and stayed with us for four days until the walls were up. Since we were novices to log homes, their assistance was invaluable. They also referred us to past customers who helped me design the solar system, radiant heat system and interior stairways and railings. After about three years, they are still there to answer our questions and provide any assistance they can. It is hard to find that dedication now days. As far as the quality of the product, we have not had any significant problems. Any minor issues or questions were handled promptly by TLH to our satisfaction. I did a significant amount of work myself (I am not a contractor or trades person) with the help of TLH and GRLH. The building manual and technical support staff at TLH were extremely helpful in explaining construction issues and principles. I cannot imagine what a nightmare this process could have been without the support! I hope to have this well built and comfortable home for years to come.

Reviewer : Scott Miller from Fox Lake Illinois (6/28/2006)

Miller Home Fox Lake
Rex and Brenda were excellent in service, design and overall professionalism in helping us build our dream home. My wife and I had our wedding at our unfinished log home last September of which Rex and Brenda had attended the wedding. We will will be occupying our home this July. Rex and Brenda helped us out in so many other ways in other ways to make this happen.

Reviewer : Bill & Sandy Gallagher from Afton, VA (10/31/2004)

Our Successful Experience with Tennesee Log Home
We decided to build our log home 3 years ago. After careful review of all the different companies selling log packages we met Rich Mencl from Tennessee Log Homes. He explained the whole home-building process and seemed to be very knowledgeable, informative, and caring. We made the decision to go with Rich and we couldn't have made a better choice ! The entire project went very nicely, from changes made to the original plans to the exciting arrival of the logs to the final nails being placed on our deck....and Rich was there for us throughout the 5 or 6 months it took to build. He was either bringing us donuts and coffee or treating our work crew to a picnic. He often just showed up to answer our many questions or give us reassurance when the weather was foul or the building slowed down. Tennessee Log Homes proved to us what a good company is all about. Rich Mencl proved to us what a good dealer is all about . Our dream home is wonderful. We're happy with every corner and every log and every door and every window ! Rich continues to drop by once-in-a-while to make sure all is well. We're always happy to see him....he still brings donuts or a basket of fruit so his generosity and good workmanship continues to please us ! Thank you to Tessessee Log Homes and Rich Mencl for helping to make our wildest dream come true.............Bill and Sandy Gallagher

Reviewer : Matt & Cindy Vince from Ortonville, MI (8/29/2004)

No problems here.Click for picture
We have had a wonderful experience with TLH as well as our dealer/builder Ellen & Paul Price. www.imperialoghomes.com. It was so nice to have their experience with a superior product. The combination of the two can't be beat. Not to say there were no glitches, (i mean we are building a house here)...but any issues that did arrise were handle promptly and efficiently by Ellen, Paul and those at TLH. We are throughly enjoying our log home and take pride in having a home that is built to last!

Reviewer : Mike & Lynn Briggs from Alpharetta, Ga (8/9/2004)

Briggs Log Home
Basically everything that we were told initally came out the way it was presented. We had to make a lot of changes based on the elevation & slope and most of these turned out better than planned. Tennessee Log Homes was very cooperative in supplying material in a timely fashion!

Reviewer : Dave Thalman from Winchester, VA (7/29/2004)

Round Logs Are SpecialClick for picture
Tennessee Log Homes exceeded our expectations. The pre-cut round roof system was a complete success. Minor adjustments to a few components were handled quickly. Support after delivery was the best. The quality of the round log walls also was superb. The only difficulty encountered was metal strap marks on some round rafters that could not be removed. However, the Douglas Fir exposed round roof system really makes the house special. Tennessee Log Homes and sales rep/builder, Jeff Foltz, turned our plans and ideas into the dream home we envisioned. Well done to all! We are super happy!!!

Reviewer : Mary Sullivan from Fallbrook, CA (5/27/2004)

Bait and Switch
I just found this site and read all of the reviews for TLH. I just want to say that in the early months of 2002 we originally were going to buy a home from TLH and we dealt with one of their reps who promised us that if we gave them a deposit of $1,000 to begin the design process and then decided not to go with them then we would get back $500. He not only assured us several times of this but when I wrote the check my two daughters were standing beside me and the rep assured me once more that it would not be a problem if we chose not to go with TLH and wanted our deposit back -we would receive $500 even though the contract did not specify this. Well we were so disappointed with the customer service and response time from the design dept that we decided not to buy from TLH. When I tried to get back my $500 deposit not only did the corporate office deny that that policy was ever allowed but the salesrep emphatically denied ever telling us that! That part of the transaction right there told us that we had made a wise decision not to buy from them and we learned an expensive lesson.
Registered ReplyReply requested by : Robert Lambert
 (Tennessee Log Homes)
Incident Resolution
It is unfortunate that this situation has occurred. The Sullivan's executed a binding legal contract to purchase a log home package valued at over $110,000. The contract states in bold print that the deposit paid with the contract will be fully credited toward the package purchase, and that the deposit is 100% non-refundable. The contract was received by TLH on 8/16/02, and the plans were drawn and returned to the customer on 9/4/02. This is a reasonable turn-around time (13 business days) for such a small $1,000.00 deposit (less than 1% of sale) and a complex design in the most stringent state in the USA. The customer called our offices on 9/25/02 (3 weeks later) to say they wanted to cancel their contract. The reason submitted is that, "after getting construction estimates in California, the total cost for our home is more than we wish to pay." They requested a FULL REFUND (as opposed to the $500 mentioned). It is entirely possible that the independent sales representative may have told the customer that half of their deposit would be refunded. However, this is contrary to TLH policy and contrary to the binding legal contract that the client reneged on. Furthermore, if the sales rep. did indeed tell the client that a refund was possible, then the sales rep. should have made good on the statement. TLH certainly does not want any associate to mis-represent our policies. This is why we put our policies in writing.
We apologize to the Sullivan's for the misunderstanding, and we did let them out of the contract they signed.

Reviewer : Eric Bickley from Chapin, SC (7/15/2003)

For Those SkepticsClick for picture
I have read all the reviews and agree with the vast majority. Tennessee Log homes is a great company to work with and they went out of their way to see that we got the package we wanted. They worked with me for months through plan changes, log style changes and package changes. They never once seemed put out to accommodate our everchanging demands. However, to say our experience was picture perfect would be more of a fairy tail. Although, when all was said and done, our experience was great . Since my family and I built the house ourselves, not only can I attest to the customer service but the quality and completeness of our package as well. Since our package was probably smaller than many, I know that profit was not the motivating factor for our business. I truly believe it was a genuine concern to see that we got just what we wanted at a price within our budget. I believe that there are a lot of comparable packages out there, but if you can get a quality product at a fair price with excellent customer service... what more can you ask for? PS. I'm not a dealer, this is just my experience for what it's worth.

Reviewer : Gil Moreno from Santa Rosa, CA (5/24/2003)

Extremely Happy!Click for picture
For over 3 years we searched and contacted log home compaines. We did most of our contacting using the internet. We chose TLH because they had the most upfront complete package. We had some problems and they took care of them without hesitation. This company is honest and sincere something I must say is lacking with most business we deal with today. We were so happy with the experience that we have since become dealers. Please feel free to visit our web site (http://home.earthlink.net/~prestigeloghomes/) and see the progress of our home being built. We had a contractor for all the exterior work and we are in the process of completing the interior ourselves . We started our home March, 2002 we hope to be completed by the end of this summer or fall. We live 5 hours from our log home so time their is precious. We are very proud to represent Tennessee Log Homes.

Reviewer : Gentle Ben from Los Angeles (5/9/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
As a dispassionate observer - one who uses statistics in my professional life - I note that there is a several order of magnitude volume of postings for this company [all positive] over a short period of time. And yet - none of those posters found it appropriate to post their email address... Curious, no? Considering that the other vendors who may only have 1 or 2 postings - do seem proud and brave enough to actually provide an email address. My skeptical nature ask - what is more likely? That this company has had a storm of customers lately? Or some over-zealous distributors are attempting to skew the curve? Hhhhm...

Reviewer : DLW from Felton, Pa (4/10/2003)

Annonymous Review
I am building a tennessee log home now and I would do it all over again! They are a first class operation and value customer service as number one! From sales to the design center, they made our log home dream reality. The whole process was really smooth from designing our home to the wonderful day our home was being delivered! I would highly reccomend Tennessee Log Homes To any one interested in a log home!

Reviewer : j.p. from Chattanooga, Tn. (4/2/2003)

Great Company
I've been in my home a little over a year. The product is excellent and every person that i dealt with ,was super. Their web page is the most informative and in my opinion the best one that I've seen.

Reviewer : P O'd from Pennsylvania (4/1/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Absolute junk
I can't believe my eyes. This company must have a salesman making up these reviews. I purchased a home from this company three years ago and it was the worst mistake of my life. The whole process was a nightmare from start to finish, the logs were terrrible and the problems during construction were endless. I did not think that this company could have any satisfied customers after my experience with them. To see this many positive reviews is absolutely ludicrous. My lawsuit aganist there company is currently pending so I won't go into any further details.
Registered ReplyReply requested by : Boss
 (Tennessee Log Homes Management)
Pennsylvania Make-Believe
This message is from TLH Management and is in response to the false claim made by the Pennsylvania guy. In addition to the reviews posted on this site by our loyal customers, TLH has received written reviews from over 90% of our customers over the past 4-1/2 years. Over 96% of these customers say, in writing, that they will or probably will recommend TLH to their own family and friends. Furthermore, TLH has rarely been sued by anyone, and TLH has no lawsuits against them as per the above false claim. I strongly suspect this has been made up by someone, so please disregard. Please visit us in Athens, TN and see for yourself.

Reviewer : blondie from Cedar Springs, MI (3/31/2003)

Easy Company to work with
Tennesse log Homes stands behind there product 100%. The staff is very helpful in details and they know thier proctuct and the competition. Delivery was smooth and inventory was correct.

Reviewer : jw from Chester, CA (3/31/2003)

Proud home owner
TN log homes has great customer service and technical support while you build. Their construction book showed step by step how to do each process. Our first story was complete in 3 1/2 days, and it was snowing! The quality of materials made our job easy-thanks TN Log Homes!

Reviewer : Annonymous from Monroe,NC (3/30/2003)

Stands Alone
We completed our home just a few months ago and this has been an experience to definately remember. From our initial contact with the local project manager to talking with anyone at corporate headquarters in Athens,TN,it just couldn't get any better. We really feel sorry for anyone who is in the market to build the home of their dreams and they don't make contact with TLH. These folks are a full step above anyone else that we considerred.

Reviewer : JW from Denver, CO (3/30/2003)

Log House At Tree Line
We built a custom log house with Tennessee Log Homes last year. We worked with the dealers in central Colorado who were there for us from the beginning and during the entire building process. What a help! The design service was great giving us the opportunity to design what we wanted. Our package consisted of beautiful logs and rafters & doors & windows from Finland that we get rave comments on. The package had more than enough materials to finish the job as there were extra logs and rafters plus extra hardware just in case. The price was very comparable and the quality better than what we saw when comparing companies.

Reviewer : Satisfied from Indiana (3/30/2003)

Great Company
Tennessee Log Homes gives great customer service. They don't just sell a home and then leave. They are there to help even after the sale and the home is completed. They offer assistance through every phase of the process from before purchase to after completion. All the customer has to do is ask. They are a very upfront company and all staff is friendly and willing to answer questions.

Reviewer : PW from Hillsdale, Michigan (3/30/2003)

Tennesse Log Homes is the best!!
We have been extreemly happy with our new Tennessee Log Home. The design department at TLH was very helpful and they have the latest technolgy in the cad dept. If we had any questions we could call anytime and they would redily respond. The people at TLH are very freindly, just like one of the family!! When our home came we were very happy with the quality of ALL the materials. We had a professional builder build our home and everyone that comes over loves it!!

Reviewer : teddy from Winston Salem, NC (3/30/2003)

Best Log Home Company Bar None
These people are down home and LISTEN to you when you talk to them. We had an idea about the type of home we wanted to build but we had nothing on paper. Their design team took our thoughts and created detailed blueprints of our dream home. Although building a log home is unquestionably a daunting process, the staff at Tennessee Log Homes kept us abreast at every stage of the process. In short, we can't be any happier with Tennessee Log Homes.

Reviewer : EMO from Big Canoe , GA (3/30/2003)

My Log Home in Big Canoe, Georgia
Our home makes all the others look bad. It fits great in the mountain environment. Creek behind is perfect from the screened sleeping porch. Everyone cannot believe it is a factory cut home. Very precise corners and roof system. Best roof system in the industry and I looked at them all before we built. Completed construction early 2003. Built a Carolina model and added a full terrace lower level. Looks Great !!!!!! Great on energy savings........

Reviewer : RL from Toledo, OH (3/29/2003)

These guys deliver!!!!
The folks at TLH say their mission is to "exceed our expectations." They delivered on that promise. They say that over 96% of their customers say, in writing, that they will recommend TLH to their own family and friends. I believe it. I know I will.

Reviewer : CDC from Holland, Ohio (3/29/2003)

Attention to detail, quality and pricing
Our company has been exporting Tennessee Log Homes log home packages to major overseas markets for over seven years. Time after time, the packages arrived complete, correct, and in excellent condition. There's no room for error with buyers located thousands of miles and oceans away. Neither we nor the overseas buyers have ever been disappointed. Tennessee Log Homes products successfully compete on a value-for-money basis in some of the worlds most quality conscious markets. This speaks well of pricing, as they are subject to import duties and freight costs that do not apply to local competition. Most countries have their own particular building regulations. Tennessee Log Homes' design and estimating staff take pains to ensure that these are understood before an order is accepted, and correctly executed when it is produced and shipped

Reviewer : Keith from Colorado (3/29/2003)

Log home rating for Tennessee Log Homes
Tennessee Log Homes ranks at the top in the industry for their customer service, their design department is great, they have a great selection of top quality doors and windows, their price is very comparable and they offer the most complete dryin package in the industry and their delivery and handling is superb! I own a beautiful Tennessee Log Home and I love it!

Reviewer : Marsha from Las Vegas (3/29/2003)

Outstanding Service
Tennessee Log Homes Is a great company, they really know how to treat the customer right!!! From the drafting department to delivery Everything went great. We did our homework before we purchased our Log Home and definatley feel we made the right choice about who to do business with. I would recommend Tennessee Log Homes to anyone who ever asks. We have been in our Tennessee Log home for 3 years now and Love it!!!!

Reviewer : chip from Georgia (2/2/2003)

Look at all companies
We purchased our home from Tennessee 7 years ago. We bought the round log. We have had warping and twisting, and it has settled more than we were told it would. I had to sand all the interior log, because they were so rough. There are butt joints above door frames, which I was told by others that should not be. The company erected our shell, and there was some of the foam strips hanging on the outside of our logs, which I had to cut off. We're not unhappy, but we're not real happy either!
Registered ReplyReply requested by : Robert Lambert
 (Tennessee Log Homes General Manager)
We strive to please
Chip, Please contact Mr. Lambert at 800-251-9218 ext. 35. We would like to take the opportunity to resolve this situation. In your review you stated that Tennessee Log Home erected the home. Tennessee Log Homes does not erect any of our log homes. Please contact me. Thank you.

Reviewer : jjv from Mineral, Virginia (1/29/2003)

Ratings of Tennessee Log Homes
My wife and I built a Tennessee Log Home on Lake Anna. I wanted to mention the quality of this company.

We've always wanted to have a log home and with several years of reviewing log home magazines we selected Tennessee Log Homes because of the quality of their materials along with the free shipping.

We contacted Mr. Rich Mencl who lived approximately 20 minutes from where we were living at the time and visited his log home house/model.

In the next several months we were able to find a property on Lake Anna. I contacted Mr. Mencl and we have been overwhelmed with the quality of service that was provided by him. From start to finish he was there for us. During the entire phase of delivery through construction and even now since we've been living in our beautiful log home for going on 2 years he's been there for us.

I found this website since I'm interested in the continuance of keeping up todate with Tennessee Log Homes and how far they have come with the homes that they produce.

Of particular interest, is Mr. Mencl's professionalism to sell the best possible product to his customers. One of the ways to contact Mr. Mencl is by going to the world wide web and doing a search for Olde Homestead Log Homes.

I wanted to provide this information to folks who maybe looking for a different type of home...a log home. My wife and I couldn't be happier with the representation of Tennessee Log Homes and Mr. Rich Mencl.


Comments by : Mary from ohio (7/31/2012)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Out of business
Just thought I would mention, This company is now out of business.

Comments by : Robert Lambert (12/19/2004)Review Only
No Rating Provided
The feedback from Mary Beth from PA has been resolved
The feedback from Mary Beth from PA has been resolved, and the home is nearly dried in as of December 17th, 2004. This feedback was posted in haste, and there was simply a misunderstanding of the package payment terms. The issue was resolved the same day the feedback was posted, and our clients are happy with the continuing construction of there home.

Comments by : mary beth from PA (10/11/2004)

rip off
We have a signed contract for our home with TLH and after we have given them $60,000 as a down payment they increased the contract price by $12,533 and won't return my phone calls when I asked for an itemized statement of costs

Comments by : Mike from Shreveport LA (10/4/2004)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Buyer responsibility
1) As someone who is carefully considering using Tennesse Log Homes to supply logs for my new home, I find these reviews interesting and would like to relate some of my experiences in trying to choose a log provider. 2) As part of my research, I wrote an email with fourteen specific questions ranging from wood types, to profiles, corners, settling, borates, etc. This email was sent to a dozen different log home manufacturers telling them dates we would be vacationing in their area and requesting availability of tours, model homes, etc. 3) Tennessee Log Homes was the ONLY company to respond. Not only did Robert Lambert provide thoughtful responses to each question, he called me on a Saturday morning to make sure the email was received, to ask if I had other questions, and to invite us to a special training program being held by the company. 4) When we arrived, he turned us over to an experienced salesman who had building experience. This salesman made Tennessee Log Home policies very clear. He explained what they could/would do and what the could/would not do. It was made very clear that Tennessee Log Homes did not have any company erecters for my area. They were willing to give us the names of private contractors but made it clear they were private conractors. 5) The training session was designed to help buyers understand what was involved in building a log home. They strongly recommended that whoever the buyer chose attend their training seminar. 6) One of the training films contained examples of what can go wrong if the buyer is not aware of what is going on onsite. In one particular example, they explained how they were concerned about the requests from a contractor for extra materials, went to the job site, and tried to inform the homeowner of their concerns. When the contractor left the project unfinished, Tennessee Log Homes stepped in to help the customer. 7) Certainly, when dealing with many independent dealers over as wide an are as Tennessee Log Homes covers, there is the opportunity for problems. I discussed the possibility of being a dealer and found the company to be very concerned about the quality of dealers authorized to sell their products. Dealers are required to attend periodic training programs. (Compare this to a "dealer" for another company whose ad was in a popular log magazine. The "dealer" did not know she was a dealer and did not know the ad was in the magazine.) 8) Bottom line - the buyer has the responsibility of knowing what s/he is getting into and understanding (as with any contract) if it ain't in writing, it ain't.

Comments by : CJ from Pottstown, PA (8/25/2004)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Good company to deal with
I don't own a log home from Tennessee log homes yet, but I am in the process of building getting one. Therefore I cannot rate the product yet! I have been researching log home manufacturers in the last 10 months and find Tennessee log homes the best choice. Our sales rep Phil Florence answered all of my questions and the dealer in the local area where I am planning to build is very knowledgable as well. When you research a log home company I urge everybody to visit the manufacturing plants. I have seen the mill from Tennessee and I believe they have nothing to hide. You should especially learn about the mix of air drying and kiln drying of the logs at Tennessee. Tennessee actually let the logs settle in a barn for a period of time after kiln drying and then puts the raw logs through the mill. Other manufacturers put the logs right through the mill after the kiln drying process, so twisting still could happen. Another manufacturer claims to pressure treat logs with borates and claims that to be the best. Unfortunately, due to the pressure treating borates evaporate in the house. Borates are not healthy! Check out the EPA website! The logs from Tennesse are soaked or dipped in borates. According to my research that should be safe so that you don't have borates seeping out over time. Of course I am not an expert in that field, but I am Chemical Engineer and dealt with these type of chemicals in the past. I really like their attitude. The sales rep admitted that they do their mistakes as well, but they will take care of their customers and fix the problem and I believe them. I contacted about 12 log home manufacturers and each company responded differently. I sent the companies a custom layout plan and pictures of features I wanted on the house. Some companies told me that I did my homework very well and provided me with a detailed quote and materials list some just send me a note with cost per sqf. Tennessee quoted an estimate with a detailed materials list attached. Their different packages makes it easy to select what you want. Tennessee is more expensive than other quotes I received, but they seem to offer a good quality product and service. Why am I writing this? Well, there where times I was frustrated with log home companies and I wish I would have found some guidance or some info from people who went through the same process. I hope I was somewhat helpful.

Comments by : Tony Onorati from Hanford, CA (8/19/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Tennessee Log Homes
I have read the reviews and banter in this area with interest. All I can say is that at least TLH cares enough to: 1. Address the negative comments in the reviews. 2. Offer customer satisfaction... even to someone who obviously doesn't have accurate information. 3. Take pride in their product. If every one of these reviews was written by a TLH dealer, then I'd be one very proud CEO. Company loyalty like that doesn't come easily. I stumbled upon this site in ongoing research for my property in Vermont...this definitely makes me take a hard positive look at TLH as my partner in this endeavor. I applaud you

Comments by : BBW from Athens, Tennessee (4/7/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Message from the President of TLH
I did not even know this website existed until the middle of last week. How did I find out? One of our dealers sent me an email commented on a negative feedback. We have always prided ourselves by our commitment to exceeding all expectations of any customer. After reading the comments in all the feedbacks sent in, it is a fact that some of these are from our talented and dedicated dealers across the country. Did we direct them to do anything? Absolutely not. Are they concerned that we have an unhappy customer? Obviously YES, as you can read for yourself. Our customers, dealers, and employees really believe in our products and services. We would warn all potential consumers to physically travel and visit our company and the many other great companies that are out there - find out for yourself, it is the biggest investment you will probably ever make. As for the comment about TLH erecting the logs in Georgia - I 100% know that our company did not erect any log packages in Georgia. We are Tennessee Licensed General Contractors and we do turn key construction jobs ONLY IN TENNESSEE. We are happy to assist in other areas, but we DO NOT get involved in the actual work out of state. Thanks.

Comments by : boss (4/5/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Pennsylvania Make-Believe
This message is from TLH Management and is in response to the false claim made by the Pennsylvania guy. In addition to the reviews posted on this site by our loyal customers, TLH has received written reviews from over 90% of our customers over the past 4-1/2 years. Over 96% of these customers say, in writing, that they will or probably will recommend TLH to their own family and friends. Furthermore, TLH has rarely been sued by anyone, and TLH has no lawsuits against them as per the above false claim. I strongly suspect this has been made up by someone, so please disregard. Please visit us in Athens, TN and see for yourself.

Comments by : Steven from Iowa (3/31/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
Tennessee Must BeToo Good Too Be True!!!
My what a good way to advertise!

Comments by : RL from Toledo, OH (3/29/2003)

Customer Service
Tennesse Log Homes constructs over 250 high end log homes per year in the USA alone. In all cases, the builders are not direct employees of Tennessee Log Homes, but they are given training in constructing the TLH product and are completely supported by TLH during the construction process. This is not an odd practice, but, instead, it is more the norm in the industry.

Comments by : Leah from Lexington, KY (3/4/2003)Review Only
No Rating Provided
My husband and I have recently just started looking into log home companies. I just think Mr. Lamberts reply is odd. Some companies we have looked into will also erect their log homes. We've looked at many web sites, and we think Tennessee's site can be misleading, the wording makes it, appear that the company can build your home.

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